With the clear objective of uplifting the status of fine arts and encourage and promote the artists involvement in this field, the sangam was inaugurated at hand of the great Industrialist, Philanthropist and Art lover, Sri N.Mahalingam in 1970 at Pollachi. Today the sangam has grown leaps and bounds and planning to celebrate the 44th Anniversary in a grand scale for six days starting from 25th February, 2015.

With the view to encouraging numerous upcoming artists in the fields of music, dance, drama and literature the sangam has been providing a platform, every month in the last 44 years, In aggregate over 1400 programmes have been conducted so far and the benefit of public of Pollachi and the public has great admiration Sangam.

N. Mahalingam Gounder (March 21, 1923 - October 2, 2014) was the Chairman of Sakthi Group of companies, educationalist, notable philanthropist and a prominent, influential person among the "Kongu Nadu" region of Tamil Nadu.

He has been decorated with the Honorary Doctorate Degree by Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Anna University, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Madurai Kamaraj University, for his outstanding contributions to the society.

Today, the Sakthi Group of Companies is a name to reckon with as it has forayed into sugar, distilling, automobiles, finance, etc. The 90-year-old industrialist has served on the Board of Directors of several public sector undertakings and the State Planning Commission in two terms. A well-known philanthropist who donates towards the development of culture and sports.

He received the Padma Bhushan from the President of India in 2007. He is founder of many educational institutes from schools to autonomous institutions.Some of his educational institutions are Kumaraguru College of Technology-Coimbatore(popularly known as KCT), Nachimuthu Polytechnic college,Mahalingam college of engineering [popularly known as mcet] etc.

As far as dance is concerned, besides motivating the young artists, the Gurus are also honoured by celebrating as festival for about a week every year for the last twenty nine years. The main point to be admired here is that artistes of different schools from all most all the parts of the country are invited to perform under the banner of Pollachi tamil Isai Sangam. Great dancers like Padma Subramanian have also performed for PTIS.

Sangam can take pride in telling that all most all the artists in the fields of Cinema, Drama, Dance, and other arts in Tamil nadu and other states are invited and honoured. Cine artistes like Gemini Ganeshan, S Muthuraman, Ashokan, Kannadasan, Manorama, R S Manohar, Major Sundararajan, Sivakumar, Rajinikanth, Sathyaraj and many Directors like SP Muthuraman, Muusic Director, MS Viswanathan are among the prominent names from big screen. Classical musicians starting from MS Subbalakshmi, MLV, Sudha Raghunathan, Sirkazhi Govindarajan, Maharajapuram and many more reputed vidwans have decorated the dais of Pollachi Tamil Isai Sangam. All the Drama troupes from Chennai headed by Visu, Mouli, Sekhar and others have performed at pollachi.

on the Religious side, great exponents like Kripananda Variyar, Velukkudi Krishna and Others have given discourses at pollachi.

Raja Sir Muthaiah Chettiar, MAM Ramaswamy N Mahalingam, G K Sundaram, S V Balasubramaniam, Karumuthu Kannan, Justice Mohan, Justice Gokulakrishnan, Justice Natarajan, Justice A R Lakshmanan, many IAS, IPS top ranked executiveof Goverment Departments, CEO of Various organisations and educational Institutions have participated in the programmes and added value and respect to the functions. The list of dignitaries is endless in the last over four decades.

In the centre of the city of pollachi, a bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi has been installed by the Sangam. the Speciality in this regard is that the statue was opened to public by a girl from a harijan family.

The success of the sangam is entirely thanks to the tireless and unstinted efforts of Kalaimamani, Mr. Rm V Vellaiappan, the General Secretary, ever since its inception(1970). Rm V Vellaiappan received the award for the best run subha in 1985 at the hands of the chief Minister, MGR. He Received "Kalaimamani" decoration at the hands of M Karunanidhi. Rm VV is well known name in the field of the fine arts and every artist dreams to get the honour at his hands in Pollachi.